Seasonal Character Mechanics

Is there any info about how these seasonal characters work, mechanically? I’ve only seen Hazel once, when she got first added in, and I can’t seem to find her since. Since it’s now November, will she not appear anymore? What was the % chance of matching with her? What was the % chance of even finding her?

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It’s completely random as to how often you come across a profile, but some characters require you to swipe right on them more than once to match with them provided they have content and you haven’t matched with their counterpart. Hazel only needed you to swipe once though to match with her. I don’t know if her profile is still in the pool though, but as far as I know she hasn’t been removed.

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I matched with her on the second attempt. Her story is quite short and not complete, so I’m sure she will be back. Her presence still lingers on my growing list of greyed out matches.

I matched with her on the first try and she’s “on a break” now. Maybe you can’t match with her until next Halloween, since she’s supposed to be seasonal