Seasonal Dragon Trust Event

I still don’t get it, why do you guys insist that seasonal dragon comes with just one challenge, no additional in chest and arena shop?

You can make more money by keeping old system.


Hello Ludia,

Can you tell us how it will be possible to get 3 copies of the Thanksgiving Meatlug?


I said earlier that they are very cunning and just want to earn even more. They don’t care what we write here, you understand that, it makes no sense. You just don’t have to donate to this game to support Ludia

P.S Sorry for English

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Yes, I cancelled FC after hear news about DFT. And new seasonal dragon, they are useless, got one is more than enough.

As I know, Ludia doesn’t make announcement about this week schedule yet in this forum. If they change and bring old seasonal trust point system, they can take my money but I’m still happy

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Ludia has promised that they will provide the ability to get copies of old seasonal dragons. Can we trust them or will they disappoint us again?
It’s impossible to relax in this game lately

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There are Thanksgiving Meatlug TP in chests and arena again. Sometimes Ludia listens. Everyone complained about it for DFT…


However the 3* challenge mode was still canceled, it is possible to get two copies now, but the 3rd copy is still too difficult or expensive to get.

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Finally, thank you to Ludia Team for listening and change the system a little bit. I know its required extra hardworking to get all 3 with FC, but it makes sense and still “possible”