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Seasonal Matches Returning

I was thinking earlier that while some seasonal matches are associated to specific holiday/celebration, Theo for Valentine’s Day :heart:, Hazel for Halloween :ghost: and Nick for Christmas :christmas_tree: .

However, Bex, Makoa and Nori aren’t associated with a particular holiday/celebration, so even though there were released as Seasonal Summer characters :sunny: there’s is no reason why Ludia couldn’t bring them back before next summer

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Oh, do you think that’s kinda it and there’ll be no update on them till next summer? :hushed::scream:
I mean Theo’s absence was logically explained and we had a chance to say goodbye, while summer stories are left off on major cliffhangers.

I hope not. :crossed_fingers:
I’m hoping they’ll finish the summer characters’ stories before summer is over, then they could bring them back again at some point. But if they don’t, they have so many characters to update that the chances they won’t return until next summer could be quite high. :frowning_face: :cry: :sob:
But the summer characters aren’t restricted to a particular holiday, so there’s no reason Ludia couldn’t bring them back before next summer.

Ok quick question before I match her- does bex have a male CP? She’s adorable anyways so I don’t mind matching her but I just need to know :sweat_smile:

Bex doesn’t have a counterpart. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: