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Seasonal matches?

What’s the deal with Seasonal matches? Do we get them every season? And do they come back?

Yes every season there’s usually a ‘special’ match.

We’ve had special matches for valentines, Xmas and Halloween. There might have been an Easter one, but if we did and it was neither a chocolate egg or a bunny I probably ignored it :grin:.

They usually hang around for a week or two and then sod off until next time.

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I missed a lot of the seasonal matches so I’m excited to be apart of the summer seasonal matches

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Have they said anything about people who miss the seasonal matches on their first appearance?

I’m thinking of starting over, but I’ll be kind of sad to lose my progress with Theo. Next Valentine’s Day, will I only be able to play up to the same point as players who read Theo’s story in 2021? Will I always be a year behind? Or will I be able to play through the 2021 portion right into the 2022 portion and catch up? I hope that question makes sense…

It wouldn’t make sense to release a seasonal character one year and not follow up the next year. Take Hazel for instance her story begged for her to come back next Halloween

Since I wasn’t playing until after Valentine’s day this year does that mean I’d start the other seasonal characters from scratch? How does that work?

Oh, I know they are coming back. I meant that when they do, if you missed their first visit, do you remain a year behind? Or can you catch up? For instance, if I started Hazel’s story this upcoming October, would I also get to play through the new parts of the story everyone else is reading? Or would I always be a year behind the people who met her this year?

So if I started reading a non-seasonal story right now, I wouldn’t have to wait between already published conversations. I could play through all of Austin’s available story (without having to wait 2 months the way you do if you’re reading it as it releases) until I caught up on everything available. Is it that way with seasonals? Or does starting late mean you always have to wait a year in between chats even if there are chats available to the people who started with the character’s original release?

I mean if you missed the original release, when the character comes back in the season do you start at the beginning?

I’m guessing so and that’s kinda why I held off of matching with Nico Cove. I wanted a mermaid not a merman

I don’t think he has a female counterpart

Yes, I’m sure you do. It would be odd to start mid-story. What I mean is this:

Seasonal character X releases in 2020. Story ends for a year after Y plot point.

Same month in 2021, seasonal character X returns and the plot picks up after Y and continues to point Z in the story.

In 2021, for a player who missed character X in 2020 (or restarted), do they have to wait until 2022 to play the Y-Z part? Or can they play from the beginning all the way through Z and read all released content for X character in their season of 2021? (Like this October, when Hazel goes away, will some players be a year behind in her story from where others were, or will they have been able to catch up during October the way you can if you come late to the game with regular characters?)

Because I don’t want to restart if I can’t read new content on Theo’s story until 2023. I don’t mind re-reading what I already read next February. But I would also like access to the newly released 2022 part of their story as I would have been able to do if I DIDN’T restart.

I hope that makes me question clearer. :sweat_smile: I feel like it’s getting more complicated, though. :sob:

That doesn’t make any sense, you are complicating so much. If you didn’t match with a seasonal character this year, next year if you do, obviously you will be able to read the whole story.
It’s like a character that has been released for a long time and you never wanted to match, it has been updated several times and now it’s offline for a while. Even if you match with them now, the whole story is available. Seasonal characters are the same, even if they are gone for a whole year doesn’t mean you will be one year late.

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Okaaaaay, but it sounds like you completely understand what I’m asking.

Did Ludia confirm this? Does the seasonal character say “okay see you next year” and then just return a day later to continue the story? I don’t think it’s unreasonable that I’d want to know this before deleting my progress.

Oh, looks like I missed new seasonal character release :disappointed: Do you think it’s still possible to match with Nori Cove?

Yeah each has a 30+ day release window

So question, if you have already started the texting convo with a seasonal character, do they just go away or are you able to continue the story at any time?