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Seasonal migrations PLEASE

Is there any plans to ever have any type of migrations? I have been stuck in Local 4, at home and work, for well over a year with little change to the local spawns. It would be nice for the dinos to migrate through the different locals quarterly maybe with the seasons. That way everyone gets chances at different local spawns in their local areas.


I’ve maxed out on Suchomimus and Mono G² ages ago. I have 8k extra Kentro DNAs (done max my Tryko). Would like to see different view though.

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Yes please.

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Switch odd for even. I don’t even know where there’s a local area 4.

I work in L3 and live in L1. Rarely do I find L2 areas, and don’t think I’ve ever played in a L4.

Migration is a need.

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I’m always looking for Zone 3 because i need Dime and Argent.

And I have yet to see Blue in the wild.

Have yet to see any cenazoics in the wild. Granted I saw the turtle once and that was literally in the woods somewhere

I agree. Excellent suggestion. We should have regular migration on a quarterly basis.

As a person with too much diplocalus in their life I think this a great idea

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Which common of which other zone would you like instead?
Suchomimus, Majungasaurus or Einiosaurus?

I’d like to live in the diplo zone, because of Argentino and Secodonto. Also, Suchomimus us ugly!

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Dilopho, Dimetrodon and Monolophosaurus aren’t all that bad either, but the best zone atm is probably 2.

Yeah, it’s easier for me to access L2 in the western side of my city, but L3 is way further. L1 is just a short walk away from my house, so if I ever need Brachi DNA, I can just walk 1 block further.

I would do it every 2 weeks - if you get in a good zone you’ll most likely play more knowing it’s going away soon and if you end up in a bad zone, it’ll be better in a couple of weeks.

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Doesn’t need to be that often. I’d be happy with 2-4 months.

Most of the posts appear to be arena related, re: boosts, OP dinos, battles dropping, etc. I play more on the exploration side and I would dearly love to see some rotation amongst the local area dinos. With massive darting, DNA, and direct hits a requirement to reach higher alliance rewards, I’d like to see some variety instead of darting the same thing over and over. I can’t tell you how much Einiosaurus DNA I have now because the counter stops at 250,000 DNA.

If you can do a different event every week, surely you can make some modifications to local area spawns. Maybe rotate the area spawns and the global spawns monthly, quarterly … something.


I think the point though is to keep the exploration side of the game based in exploring. If the zones rotate, then it would take away from having to go out to find dinos in different zones.

I am not saying they should not do this…but there seems to be a decent enough reason to keep it the way it is just as much as there is a reason to change it.

My opinion is to leave it the way it is.

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They do periodically swap different creatures around.

I think, and I could be wrong, they are speaking more to the zone specific ones. Like I have 230000 diplocaulus…someone else may have that many Majunga…but I do not have that many majunga and they do not have that many diplocaulus.

I say that, because they mentioned eini.

Yes, primarily the local area creatures. The commons are just dart fodder and get really, really boring.