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Seasonal Reset Level is Unnecessary Now

Maybe we don’t need a monthly reset anymore (or at least make it something like 6250) since seasonal is based on trophy tiers instead of actual rankings like the tournaments?

Let’s be honest here, Top 500 players will always have long matchmaking and resetting the trophies doesn’t even the odds in the slightest for anyone without tons of boosts and lvl 30 teams.

This way it can be more of a personal achievement rather than a bloodbath in the Library.

Seriously, the first week after reset is practically unplayable for free-to-play, non-whale players and then the rest of the month is one step forward and two steps back.

I know I’ll probably never get to Shores and I’m okay with that, but it would be nice to not fight teams that should be over 1,000 trophies higher, leftovers that can’t keep up with the reset. I miss having options in the arena beyond getting destroyed and occasional wins.


I have 4 level 30 dinos and working on a couple of others, most of them are approaching max boosted. I currently tickle the bottom of the top 500 every month and as I level the gap between me and the people above me shrinks. The reset let’s me and others like me know that I can not only climb but every month how “catching” the people above me becomes a bit more possible. If you take away the reset not only does it become a joke to think about trying to climb through the best of the best AND gain 1k trophies of ground it probably prevents me from continuing to try. It has to happen… I will say it could happen at 6k and it would feel more fair but in part that’s because I would lose significantly less ground every time

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I agree that the reset is beneficial for progression for a small group of near-endgame and endgame players.

Raising the reset threshold would remove at least one barrier that shuts down progression in the Library and Aviary. I get that Library is a “league arena” but it shouldn’t be more brutal than Gyrosphere or Shores.

I’ve read enough on the forum to know Library is the bottleneck whereas the upper leagues are slightly less chaotic because they can level out throughout the month.

I agree, the reset is problematic. I made a topic about this recently: Please Scrap (or Tweak) Season Resets

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I’m debating right now whether I want to continue playing.
Low library with level 26 average team and I’m facing boosted level 30 teams.

I just played for an hour to get 2 incubators and 1 daily battle incubator.

My time in game has dropped significantly and I don’t really care.

I pay for VIP and buy things.

Tell me again why I should continue, please.

Actually I’ve concluded the same thing. Waking up checking JWA prior to anything else… every stop I made anywhere during the day I’d check JWA, it ran standard during car rides and evenings were standard JWA battling & hunting times and before turning the lights off to go to sleep I’d check the game a final time…
Weekends were all about tournaments!

Last two months:

Somewhere over the day check JWA see same creatures all over Day after day so dart something for my daily mission and alliance missions and close. During the day maybe check one more time for mission progress… evenings have to force myself to do my dbi (cause: Library) and some (same old) striketowers. That’s it. Weekends… get my 10 takedowns see progression of 21 trophies per win and decrease of 40 trophies per loss… exit.

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Drop to Aviary or Manor. Find a way to find enjoyment in the game. If everything fails then leave. There is no point playing something that no longer brings you joy.

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I feel like arena droppers are the whole reason people are leaving.

I’d rather not contribute to the problem, I’d rather find a viable solution, and have that implemented.

I really don’t find it fun or entertaining to sweep entire teams with my OP dropper team. I’m sure some find pleasure in it as it happens far too often.

I find it more pleasurable and rewarding to have won a hard fought and fair battle, even to lose in such cases is far more preferable than winning by sweeping a lower level team 3-0

Why are people currently dropping, and what could be changed so they no longer perform such actions?

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@DragonHunter at the top it is just as lonely taking an hour to complete my dbi since matchmaking takes a long time unless i want to waste my time with AI. If you aren’t buying boosts then you are still progressing lil by lil up to the top. Pretty soon you’ll be the whale that you despise.

I don’t despise whales.

I’ve nearly reached the plateau of not spending $100s or more a month on this game.

I don’t see me spending money like I used to on this game.

@DragonHunter people arena drop for different reasons. When i do it is because i don’t want to be in the boosted arena so i put together an unboosted team and stay with them for a few weeks. I play that until i get bored and then switch up the team. I can stay in middle aviary with an unboosted team but eventually I’ll need to climb back up. Think of it this way. For every arena dropper you’ve faught on the way up you’ve probably also faught a quick match with an arena dropper on the way down.

If only matchmaking worked that way…

@DragonHunter if you have been playing since boosts were first implemented and haven’t missed a boosted sale until boost sales became an everyday occurrence you should have enough boosts to boost your entire team to max without spending 100 dollars a week on the game. The daily boosts sales are a catchup mechanic for those late starters.

Been playing since a few months after launch.

BUY boosts? No thanks.

@DragonHunter that is exactly how match making works. An arena dropper can’t lose trophies to AI so somebody needs to fight them. I know you have faught a level 10 irritator or some other low level team.

I was playing quite competitively with my alt account until I hit Library a couple of seasons back - my team sounds similar to yours; quickly realised that it was going to take serious improvements to my team to punch through Library so I stopped playing it so competitively - now I just keep it ticking over spending most of the season in upper Aviary and just pushing enough into Library now and then to secure the better end of season rewards. Still enjoy the battles there and am active enough to hold a place in a 10/10 alliance. Its got a fairly unusual team which does well in some of the new advantage tourneys and ends up top #1000.

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This is the goal Ludia’s trying to achieve since 1.7 :rofl:
But seriously, I agree with you.


No you don’t and that was two patches ago. Last 6 months all you encounter is level 20 creatures unboosted only to bring out some lvl 30 boosted to his teeth revenge creature in the end…

I have to agree.
Since rewards are determined by trophy count, it no longer matters if the top 500 pull waaaaaay away. You don’t need to catch up to the top guy for max rewards anymore.
The only reason I see them doing a reset is to continue to make you work for 8K.
Maybe reset those 7000+ to 6500 and call it a day?

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Maybe I’m being naive or just daft, but why can’t those at the top have the same reset as the rest of us?

I sit around 5200 and get reset at about 5100, so if they sit at 7500 why not reset at 7300?

The game doesn’t need a whole new load of players that are 2000 trophies higher than me suddenly battling me. The arena is already an absolute nightmare with droppers without Ludia forcing a whole load more droppers on us!

It really is pointless and I really can’t see the logic behind it.