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Seasonal reset question + Ceramagnus in action!

I had a look through the forums, but couldn’t find the answer, so sorry if this has been answered before.

If I battle to 6040 trophies to arrive in the Shores, but then lose some battles and finish the season in Gyrosphere, does my trophy reset count go to 5500 or 5950 because I’d hit shores?

Someone I know said they did exactly that, were reset at 5500 and were told by Ludia that the score you hit is what determines your seasonal reward, but the score you finish on determines how your trophies are reset.

Surely this shouldn’t be correct? If so, it makes me loathe to battle anymore because I just get faced with pointless battles against absolute monsters at the top of the league. So I would avoid battling unless I have to.

I’d rather restart every season at 5950 to increase my chances of getting into shores again and receiving increased prize DNA.

This system encourages people to camp where they are and not risk losses, rather than to battle more knowing what they’ve achieved is now safe. Surely that is a counter productive idea and stops players trying to better themselves?

Also unrelated - here is my Ceramagnus playing it’s first battle. :slight_smile:

Season resets are based on high score, so if you don’t mind Shores I’d say go for it

Hey th3bub14, that’s how I imagined it should be, but my friend says they were reset 500 trophies below, because by the end of the season, they dropped out of shores?

congrats on the magnus.
can’t wait for my own. 1-2 more weeks!

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Thanks Qiew, I got quite a few 25’s on it, so I’m definitely one of the luckier ones to get it a bit earlier than most. Really hoping for a boost reset soon to move all my boosts to it from my useless Phorusaura that they tricked us into upgrading with the dodgy update notes! :laughing:

Weird, I’ve always seen it as high score based, however, it does get really weird at reset

I don’t see the point of resetting trophies at all, with the exception of Arena 13 with its high trophy counts; these should be reset to 6,000.

But in Arena 11 resetting trophies doesn’t even make any sense. All it does is remove thousands of trophies from the game, which are never re-added, and prevents the large group of players stuck there from ever progressing. Even if they should manage to reach Arena 12, next seasonal reset they’re tossed into Arena 11 (Library) again.

There is absolutely no logical reason for taking trophies from players below Arena 13 (< 6,000) … and certainly below Arena 12 (< 5,500).

I think if Ludia listened it would increase PVP participation - and player satisfaction - above Arena 10 (Aviary) significantly.

This isn’t the only thing wrong with the arena - numerous posts have discussed this topic - but it would be a positive first step and send the message that Ludia is committed to improving the arena.

Your reset trophy count is based on your actual number of trophies at the time of reset.

If your high score is 6100, but your current score is 5980, you will get reset to 5499.

Plan accordingly if it matters to you.