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Seasonal - September 2019?!?

Have I missed an announcement on this?


  1. A new season start in a little under 3 hours and we just don’t know the prizes?
  2. The current season continue until 1.9 drops?
  3. There be no new season until 1.9 drops? At which time seasons may or may not be reworked …
  1. When will we be able to collect prizes if season continues?
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I sure hope the new season starts soon, because my trophy standing (thanks to you) is at a rather high point (5155!) and that would be a great start :slight_smile:
It’s probably not for another week though… or longer.

I wonder if Allo G2 will be next prize. Though I’d rather have Erliko.

:open_mouth: That hurts

Allo G2 would be good!

You can take it :wink:

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At the moment I would lose a grand total of 9 or 10 trophies if the reset happens today as I am on 5019 down from my season high of 5338 :rofl:

Been awfully quiet around here. Should be a new tournament this Friday too.

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That may also explain the lack of an announcement - they could hardly tell us the reward was a creature that we didn’t even know was going to be in the game …

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Could even be the turtle if it’s the reason.

Maybe the update was meant to be out by now but that crazy diplocaulus got everyone sidetracked again?


The missing attack bug might also be the reason the update isn’t out yet. They said they’re looking into it.

I wouldnt mind a Allo gen 2 myself…it looks really awesome… :slight_smile: when is 1.9 supposed to drop anyway? Just curious

The mods said yesterday the best answer they could give was “before 2020” :rofl:


I assume it will come out December 31st

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Nobody. Knows.

@Ned @Jorge @J.C anything about the new season

Unless there wi be a suprise update today