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Does anyone think we will be seeing the return of Nick Klaus this month, or will it be that a new seasonal character will be added like Ciànàn was added instead of furthering Hazel’s storyline for Halloween.

Not sure if Nick is coming back with a new story line but we are getting a new holiday match

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I’ve already fallen for my cute Krampus match :two_hearts:

The second he was on board with Creepmas he had my heart.

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Doubt it since we didn’t get Hazel back for Halloween. It seems that more content is being put out but existing storylines aren’t being continued or even addressed.

Edit: I have never been happy to be so wrong!!

Both would be nice, but I don’t know. Even though I wasn’t really invested in Hazel’s story, it’s a little outrageous to me that she didn’t return after a year for the holiday she was crafted to seasonally represent.

Trying to keep my expectations in check moving forward, but I think I will be pretty sad if they skip Theo this next year in particular.

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If I’m already matched with nick am I I unable to match with this new (cute looking) guy? Because I have been through about 50 profile swipes and I’ve not seen him once

I was able to match with both.

I just found him and matched with him

Well Nick just came back soo guess that answers my question :wink:

It took me a while but you can match with both.

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