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Seasons and Total Local Migrations

Since we call each month a “Season” could you program a total local migration each month to go with the “seasons”. This would give us longer term players something to look forward to so we know that in a month or two, maybe three, we will have access to certain creatures we can’t get to.

So local 1 would become 2, 2 would become 3, 3 would become 4 and 4 would become 1.

The daily dino’s have been good even though they are a bit over plentiful.

A weekly dino of the event, park or incubator locked ones would be something you guys could think about to put on a rotation also to throw out as global spawns.


Thanks for the suggestion, Oriondestiny! :smiley:

I really hope one day Local Migrations becomes a thing. It’s difficult to get to L2s from my place, but I get easy access to L3 and L1.