Seasons changing

Anyone else feel something needs to change in this game to keep them motivated for dino hunting now that the temperatures are dropping to uncomfortable levels?

Ive been scraping ice off my car the last few mornings and I fear my days of going for dino walks are about to end. Soon there will be snow and ice on the roads and this sure isnt the safest game to play while driving in normal conditions, let alone those conditions.

A boost in spawn rates, a legitimate full zone migration, making incubators actually come close to worth buying, or something else is going to be needed to keep me active.

Anyone else feeling this way? Any other suggestions for Ludia on how to keep this game playable when its too cold to go outside, or too icy to play safely?


Maybe changing fusions to not be so heavily weighted for 10s :joy: its getting commical how rarely Im getting anything other than 10 or the occassional 20 lately. Cant keep playing this game when its taking more and more and more fusions to level up and I cant even step outside to look for dinos because frostbite’s a beach.


I just created dilorano. And I got back to back 60 fuses. Couldn’t believe it. Straight to level 17.

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Its not getting colder here in Aussieland, hotter actually! (And wetter, been raining off and on - mostly on - for nearly 2 weeks now in my area).

Only the northern hemisphere is getting colder btw!

Edit: However by November its going to be stupidly hot here to be out walking around! I suppose at least if its cold you can put on warmer clothes, when its 43 degrees Celsius (it was 47 degrees one day at my uncles place that time last year) even if you took all your clothes off you would still get heat stroke!

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Another thing that worries me is the days are getting shorter and the already rarest (even during the day!) day-only epics will become non-existant.


And for you Americans here, 47.5 degrees we suffered is 117.5 Fahrenheit!

At that time of the day, Penrith (where my uncle lives) was the (at that exact time) was the hottest location on the planet!

Edit: Made the news for being hottest place on earth and broke the all time temp record for the area!

Edit 2: My uncle has an in ground pool and we couldn’t go in it because the water was as hot as a spar bath! And plus the sun roasting you, we were quickly back in side!

Several of us actually got sick from the heat!

Edit 3: The hot air blowing in your eyes actually made them hurt! Like someone blowing a hair dryer in your face!

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I spent a few years living in a small desert town called El Centro in California, USA where July and August temps were that high! I remember opening the door and feeling like I had just opened the oven door. I wouldnt want to hunt dinos in that either.

And while you can bundle up in more clothes in the cold months (often not even worth it just for a game) theres really nothing you can do about your fingers which are kind of a necessity for this game :snowflake:
Not to mention having to walk through snow and ice.

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What about to have a steady income of a pool of specific DNA every day?You can go out once awhile,when the weather is calm and prepare this.I had an idea the other day called Conquest Mode.This Mode can support us everyday with Dna of specific Dinos.So the weather will not hold us back.

ps: i have explained how this Conquest Mode could work.

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The feeling like you just opened the oven door is the PERFECT. Analogy lol, and was what we experienced that day! (And to a slightly lesser extent the next week or 2).

But yeah you are right about needing your fingers to have feeling, cant target something with numb hands!

I’m looking forward to winter walks. UK is pretty mild doesn’t even snow in London every year.

I will be interested how much effort Ludia make over Halloween. Migrations got smaller not larger. We will see if they can step up and make the game feel fresh. Or if the current pattern of less and less development continues.


coming from pokemon go to this… im used to playing in all elements. i live in northeast usa so we are on the colder end now.

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I would love if you could do any strike or spin any stop within your range during the winter. In lieu of having to literally be right on top of them. Would make things easier for me. But, that will never happen haha

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Yep I’m in Jersey. It’s getting better and I’m NOT a cold weather person.

nice im in pa

Vermont here. We’ve already got ice and snow :sleepy:

Winter is coming


Some parts of TX are still in the 80’s :grin:. I’m closer to central west TX and it’s been rainy (odd for us) and in b the 40’s. That’s miserable for us. Haha

I’m so jealous.

Must be nice. Us northerners will be out chasing dinos on our dog sleds soon :dog::sled:

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Seems like we should have less dinos when it gets cold in each region–which would not help at all! lol!