Secodontosaur fin deflects darts!?


This just happened to me for the first time:
during the mini game, at some point direct hit dot was exactly on top of its fin, I hit it twice in a row with direct hit and twice my dart was deflected, but when I shoot just next to the fin it was ok.

Initially I thought it was some sort of bug, or maybe it’s not?
Technically that’s exactly why some dinosaurs had enormous fin at the back.
To deflect aerial attacks


Its a bug, ive hit it too. There is no reason to deflect a dart that is in the circle.


I’ve only seen it here in the wild once. If I see it again, I’ll take this info into account. Thanks for the heads-up!


yes, I have had the top fin deflect a bullseye dart which appeared to be directly in front of the fin. not sure which dino it was.


Spino does it the worst.