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Secodontosaurus bugged when levelling up

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Bug Description: My secodontosaurus bugged out when I tried to level it to lvl 15, so I levelled it up again and it went to lvl 16, wasting 300 dna and 10000 coins

Area is was found in: Lab

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Try to level up secodontosaurus
Step 2 - Watch nothing happen, leave, come back
Step 3 - Level it up again to see it go from 14 to 16

How often does it happen: IDK

What type of device are you using: iPhone (idk what brand)

Anything else? This is really unfair how I lost 300 dna and 10K coins. I’m low on coins and this made it worse.

Probably due to connection issues. I’m pretty sure this has always been an issue, and it’s not limited to evolving(levelling) dinos but fusing too. Luckily for me, every time it’s happened I’ve run out of coins, so it just tells me to buy more instead of actually spending them.