Secodontosaurus & Concavenator future Hybrids?

…I would really like to know that I’ll be able to make good use of all this DNA :joy:image image


That would be amazing! I really like the concavenator, it would be nice to see the little guy have his day in the sun.

Condontanator… Could be interesting

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Wow, that is a lot of dna, especially for epics.

My Irish roots wil now look through the glasses of Murphy’s Law: find the Dino that has the least dna collected and you’ve found the next hybrid Dino along with a Dino you haven’t found yet.

It pains me to see how much dna of these two dinos I have accumulated

There’s about 5 or 7 epics I dont even bother to dart when I see them anymore. I know I’m gonna regret it. Which do you think I darted in this pucture?

That sassy looking diplo at the top?


I have a dream that one day all dinos will be allowed to have hybrids and those hybrids will allowed to make even more hybrids


Concavenax might be a nice combo. I would actually use Concavenator if it was a bit more bulky, however I will just continue over-levelling my Lytrhonax - it’s got a mean bite back and enough bulk to take a lot of punishment (despite Ludia nerfing it’s HP last update. Why? Why you do this?!!).

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I’m guessing they have a lot of this DNA due to buying excessively priced incubators. If you’re F2P you’d be lucky to have more that 1500 DNA for them.

I’m FTP. I am about to level mine up to 15 as soon as I have the coins. You can do it, but it takes months of effort.

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I’d wish so, but I don’t know. I’m not sure about this any more since awhile ago. They have reasons to keep a junk creature of its rarity in each locale. One being that nerfing scent capsules. If not, there is no way I can see how Ludia can walk away from receiving a p2w trophy.

Concavenator would make a nice unique with Megalosuchus! A scary counter attack machine.

You read it here first.


Or because I go out and hunt? Not every person that has high DNA counts frivolously spends our money on this game, some of us actually put forth the hustle


I bought a lot but I also played a lot. Living on 3-4 hour sleep for an entire month so that I can play at least 8 hours a day outside of work definitely added to the amount of dna (useless and useful alike), especially when Concavenator and Secodontosaurus are far more common than Dimetrodon here

nice cash u have there​:stuck_out_tongue::dollar:

Or I’m just a great hunter, must be annoying seeing someone with high DNA that didn’t waste their money for it

not every epic is going to get a hybrid. ludia needs to make sure there are always useless ones to fill the epic slots in incubators :wink:


This thought hadn’t occurred to me but makes perfect sense. Well done, sir.