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Secodontosaurus for july

Since everyone is giving out suggestions for what should be the creature for july for the daily missions I think it should be Secodontosaurus for people who went to unlock or level up their Max a lot of people agreed with me in bumpy creature of the month so I wonder what do you think

What do you think Yes or No
  • Yes it should be Secodontosaurus
  • No it shouldn’t be Secodontosaurus

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Is their a reason why everyone is choosing no do you want to level up or max

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If people were to go for Max, Brachi is much harder to get than Seco. So I would prefer Brachi over Seco if you want July Missions focused on Maxima.


As far as the Unique longnecks go, Dentist is by far the worst of the 3. So yeah, not in need of Seco, especially given that it’s an all day spawn in its respective zone. Much rather have an event exclusive Epic or one that makes a better unique


Please not seco. Ideally they give us an exclusive creature.

Geminititan is in no way the worst of the longnecks, its hasn’t been nerfed into the ground the way Maxima has and imo I see a lot of Gems being used in PVP rather than Maxima

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Did you read my comment? I said Dentist was the worst of the 3.


This actually made me laugh for some reason

why? its not exclusive so why would i want to bother for it when i could get way more darting it daily than doing 7 missions?

We had Brachi not so long ago, and Seco is fairly easy to get. I would more lean towards Epic Compy.


If we’re getting DNA for Towers, I’d much prefer Sonorasaurus DNA as opposed to Seco.

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I wouldn’t mind seco for leveling ardont or seco itself for tournaments