So immunity seems to be an important and valuable attribute nowadays in the JWA world…anyone rely on their seco? I used her early on but couldn’t find her in the wild to level up so she got benched. Anyone use her on the regular and if so, how does she do??


I’ve been trying with Secod but had to dump him for now in favor of more health/armor/crits. The immunity and damage are great but you need him at level 15+ to really make a difference.


I’m hoping it gets a hybrid soon??? It would probably be a beast!!!


Genuinely prefer Arthur the Ankylcodon. Lower damage and speed BUT he can take a few hits because of his armour and he has decelerating impact and a shield. Tanky little friend takes down Stegoceratops and raptors on the regular. Also easy to level because ankys and ophiacodons spawn super frequently.


Huh. Never really gave that much thought to him! Awesome! There is one spot on my team I just need to find a steady player for, maybe Arthur is a good candidate! :heart_eyes:


I’ve used him in battles before, I feel like he’s too squishy tbh. I like my Postimetrodon more however :slight_smile:


faced a level 24 one in the arena… not sure if he was a spoofer or not… but it crushed my stegod!


I have a level 25 Ankylocodon, and should make it to level 26 on tonight’s excursion. Counters Dilono, Stegocera, Stegod, Indom and even Indoraptor very well. Can either take them out or put some serious hurt on them. Unassuming but tough as nails little tank.


In my opinion anything else with immunity is better then seco. It’s HP is way to low to be really useful.


@Democraticdonkey yes, secondo needs hp raise (& ideally other buffs) to be useful, no hope of being used when postdim so much better