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Secodontosuchus, a new hybrid of Secodontosaurus and Gryposuchus


So… Let’s fuse two useless creatures which had similiar behavior - both of them were fish-eaters, their life was related to water into a strong semi-aquatic creature.
Most of us have a lot of their DNA, but since they are weak - they are rarely used by anyone.
So why don’t make a hybrid which may have a potential between the two?

Secodontosuchus (Legendary)
Health: 3900
Attack: 1180
Speed: 115
Critical rate: 15%
Armor: 15%


Defense shattering strike
Ferocious strike
Defense shattering rampage
Lockdown Impact

Ability: Immunity

Description: A fusion of two semi-aquatic creatures makes this hybrid an apex predator of it’s habitat. It’s specialized in hunting big fishes, like sharks. Thanks to it’s scale-covered body even their sharp teeth doesn’t stand a chance in a battle with Secodontosuchus.

Appearance: A gharial-like creature with a sail like Secodontosaurus. Long thin jaw and an armored with scales body. Coloristic may be grayish with creamy-colored elements (eg. the sail).


This actually sounds really awesome and a possible viable alternative to using Tryostronix. Looks like you balanced the stats out pretty well! Lockdown Impact could be super useful vs RTC as well if you know you’re going to get one more hit in before it does, but won’t finish off an enemy. Only thing that might prove a complication I can think of is that it takes two legendaries to make without one of them already being a hybrid.

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This needs to happen!

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I hate lockdown dino skills, they’re so useless.


Well, useful against those pesky hit n run types


Dealing 1.5x dmg and preventing a swap for 2 turns without wasting a turn with superiority strike or another cleansing skill vs RTC? Plus it couldn’t be slowed or stunned?

Scenario: 26 Secodontosuchus vs 26 Stegodeus
Turn 1 - Secodontosuchus - Ferocious Strike hits for 1770 (Stegodeus down to 3330 health)
Stegodeus - Thagomizer hits for 1530 (Sedodontosuchus down to 2370 health)

Turn 2 - Secodontosuchus - Lockdown Impact hits for 2360 (970)
Stegodeus - APR hits for 2040 (340)

Turn 3 - Stegodeus is dead.

Yes, this assumes that Stegodeus doesn’t get a crit in either move, but at 5% crit that should play out more often than not. And Stegodeus can’t switch out at that point, forcing it to be sacrificed. Yeah, you’re going to lose one as well whatever comes out next, but you’ve already got the likely advantage of knowing one other of their dinos before having to pull another one out. Stegodeus would have to be a min of 2 levels higher to get the kill before being finished off…even then barely. It’d be a solid mid-line tank buster in any event, esp forcing tanks to choose between a probable lesser move to clear the pin or try for damage output and sacrificing the tank.

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What happens in reality is: Steogod is a way higher level and will not be taken down by this thing, and can easily SS it’s way out of a lockdown at the end if need be. There is so much cleanse and immunity in the upper arenas that wasting a skill slot on something that does lockdown is a complete waste. It’s why crocs are so useless in the meta. I would much rather have a useful skill like distracting or slowing or nullifying or shielding. Sarcorixis is almost useful with a swap-in shield. I wish it had another shield you could cast instead of lockdown strike.


I think you’re living in a fantasy world if you think that’s going to be reality 100% of the time. Not every dinosaur is going to be useful in every situation. Of course it wouldn’t work well against something that is immune itself. Even if Stegodeus is more than 2 levels higher, it still presents a potential problem of when is Lockdown going to be used in trying to time the cleanse. Or gambling on being able to cleanse out of it and still do meaningful damage afterwards if it goes for the kill without dying or having to swap out. Just like most things, IT’S SITUATIONAL. What the OP suggested is both balanced and something useful for two dinos that don’t see much love or play time otherwise. Crapping all over that because they gave it Lockdown is like doing the same to Tryostronix because it has RTC.


Both of ingredients is epic dino.


I do crap on RTC. It’s the reason Diplotator went from being completely useless to somewhat useful when they got rid of RTC. This is an epic and an epic, and the idea is to use 2 strike skills? This is why monolometrodon is garbage. Change ferocious strike to ferocious impact. Change lockdown to critical impact. Keep the defense shattering skills and you have yourself a contender. For giggles, give it an extended critical impact or strike instead of a single turn one. Speed needs to be raised above both ingredients, probably 117 or 118 to put it at or above Sarcorixis. Then, i would use it. I like immune dinos, but they need to not be trash tier like Monolom.


You truly must be daft, comparing this potential to Monolometrodon. The latter which has two basic strike skills, and this one which has Furious Strike…ya know, the skill that increases damage by 50% for 3 turns? Even if it only does 1.0x dmg by itself as a strike, it still does 1.5x dmg with the buff. It would be fine with Lockdown as something different rather than changing that skill to something else that just makes it another version of the same things that already exist. No one’s asking if you would use it…lol. Frankly, the fact that you can’t see potential for what it is is rather sad. But since you wish to remain oblivious to possibilities outside that little window because you don’t like one skill proposed, that’s on you. Smh. And with that :waves:


Attack 1180 :joy::joy: don’t think that’ll happen.


This is for lvl 26 which all dinos stats are calculated at then scaled. That actually isn’t an insanely high attack stat.


Oh well then, as you were. :sweat_smile:


Actually I suggested 1180 attack stat, which is still only 30 more than Tryostronix’s (1150). But Secodontosuchus’d be slower than it so it’s base attack stat should be better, cause much more dinosaurs would outspeed it.
Remember that Tryostronix has two moves which can increase it’s attack by 50%, and Secodontosuchus which I suggested - only one. And in comparison with other crocodilian - Sarcorixis actually has 1300 base attack.


I dont think its a bad concept over all… The guy suggesting it get 5 different x2 attacks is laughable. Lockdown impact is situational but not useless and keeps in the spirit of the ingredient Dino.