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Seco + Tany could be cool. Tany’s nullifying and speed, seco’s DSR + crit and immunity. Both are due for a hybrid, seco particularly as it is useful in lower arenas but not so much in Lockdown and above as opposed to Tany which can still be a worthy performer.

What hybrids do others want to see?


I want Tanator and Carnodentosaurus!! :heart_eyes::joy::joy:


I want secolagreus with a suchomimus unique so it’s just a super fast defence shattering immune bleeder. Too much? Ok, ok :joy:



Can we get two hybrids together?
Stigydarix and Procerathomimus.
Wierd considering I have none of them :joy:


This is going to sound stupid but what if they make a legendary hybrid for Echo and Delta, and then give it a unique with Charlie or Blue, some random super raptor. Just something that gives us better movitabtion to get them


Purratator- Diplotator and Purussaurus
Carvanetor- carnotaurus and concavenator
And something for brachiosaurus


I would like to see
brachiotaure : Carnotaure and brachiosaure ,i imagine a huge sauropode with devil horns and big teeth !
Spinonyx: Spinosaure + baryonyx( this one confirmed i guess)
Apatatotator: Apatosaure + irritator gen 2:Because we have too much of these!
and then:Nundapator! Apatotator + nundasuchus,FIRST UNIQUE with only commons!!!
At least i would like something like the fusion of the 4 raptor things…kind of a mega raptor maybe?(blue,charlie,echo,delta)


If they can make a legendary hyvrud out if two commons I have no doubt they’ll make a unique of only commons