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Second Account Use and Tactics


I have a 2nd account going I started a month before the Alliance thing started.

I started it to play for fun where the white and blue strike towers were a challenge. I also used it as a help for doing duo epic strike towers for my primary account to see which dino came first and what their move sets were. Of course at first I would die 1, 2, 3.

Then the Alliance thing came unexpectedly so on rare occasions when my primary account is right at leveling a good dino, I could request and give enough DNA for a bump-up sooner than waiting to find and dart that specific dino.

Well now things are turning around. My primary account is strong enough to comfortably take on the duo strike towers without the need to know who comes first for better tactical planning. I have enough different 20 to 25 dino’s to use and some of those odd ball lethal wound guys to do the job.

My second account has now beat the last 4 of 5 epic strike towers. So now instead of putting my second account out to see who comes first, now I go out with my primary account to see who comes first for my second account for better tactical planning as to which dino’s will go first and what moves they use first.

The Ptero duo today was a success with my second account base on seeing that the dino I expected to come first came 2nd which changed my strategy as to who I would put out first and what their first move would be. So I beat 2 level 30’s with level 17, 17, 10 and 19 dinos.

Another use for a second account is darting. I find I always dart better the second time on a same dino. So I use my little account first to dart something and then go to my primary where I tend to dart a little better, depending on which account I want more DNA for. I may go the other way around.

As for scents, I do scents for both at the same time and just go back and forth. This keeps things moving along and not sitting bored between spawns.

Friendly battles: Depending on who need them between mine or my wife’s accounts, we can do those quickly.

Also for testing out dino’s or understanding the swapping, impacts and runs, and how the moves go and when. I also set up the friendly battles with the strike tower dino’s to experiment with their and my dino’s move sets. This helps to set up a strategy.

For beating these duo strike towers with my second account, it comes down to the math. Who goes first, how much damage, what moves, when to switch, and who to switch with, who to sacrifice. Basically, who can do more damage quick enough to take out the opponent dino before it takes out mine. There is some crossing your fingers and hoping that there are no critical hits on me but planning to win without critical hits on the opponent dino’s. If a stun works, that is a bonus but don’t plan those into the math. You need to be able to win with 1x, 1.5x and 2x hits. If your opponent dino has a shield or armor, you can figure that into the math.

Anyway having a second account handy is useful in many ways.


In most games multi accounting is regarded as cheating and against TOS e.g. GPS based game ingress specifically defines multi accounting as cheating and against TOS.


Im sure it isn’t on this game there was a thread on the matter but the rules dont stipulate it


If two people in a house each have an account, it’s not really different than one person with two accounts to which me and my wife would be considered cheaters.

Prior to starting a second account, when me and my wife would go do strike towers, I would always go first because my team was stronger. Then she would watch and see what I did and which dinos came first and what moves they made and what dinos I used and then she would know what dinos to use and when.

There were a couple duo’s I lost but she won with a weaker team because she watched me, what I did wrong and set up a better strategy with her weaker dinos or used different ones. Would that constitute her cheating by watching me?

The second account made it so my main didn’t have to be the guinea pig… for a while. I often just read the threads here and get the idea of which dino comes first. People often say what dinos they used but I usually don’t have the same dinos.

I’m good at math and knew by the numbers that my wife’s second account didn’t have enough damage with 4 dinos to win this one today and she didn’t. We picked what we though best of what she had but got critical hits on hers right off and killed any chance of even getting close.

My primary account is now the guinea pig again but can handle a bad draw which it did today.


And the reason you made this thread is because you feel you are cheating and want others to tell you what they think?


Sounds like cheating to me. I never got a second account in PoGo and certainly won’t get one here.

And yes, it’s against TOS (read it).

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@Frumbler So explain how this is cheating?


Two people in the same house have an account and can do the same as if one person has two accounts. So explain how I am cheating. Prior to having two accounts me and my wife watch each other do the strike towers and who ever goes first helps the other plan and gives then an advantage. Is the other person cheating watching someone else go first? Do not people post videos on here showing the battles and it helps others? So how am I cheating? Is if I can give DNA to myself? What is the difference if I request the same DNA and get it from one or several of 49 other people in an alliance? So where am I cheating?

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Two people in one house having accounts, and maybe forming an alliance to exchange DNA, is not cheating; however, one person having 2 or more accounts is against TOS. Violating TOS is cheating, isn’t it? Granted, it’s not as bad as spoofing, but it’s still a form of cheating.


That sounds like a lot of work… This is just a game, you know. The money isn’t real money, the dinosaurs aren’t real either.


I’d like to hear how this is cheating.

Other than incubators, you have to work just as hard to get DNA with one account, as two.

Honestly, if people demanded Ludia actually ban spoofers, as much as they complain about other things they see as cheating, we might actually have a decent game. Yet, Ludia continues to support spoofing with their “own” arenas for confirmed spoofers, and doing little to nothing about unconfirmed spoofers…


Just to confirm, having two accounts per person does in fact break the ToS.


Which part of the ToS does it break?


I’ve read the ToS and Fair Play documents and don’t see anything that clearly states having two accounts is against the rules.

I did see this though…

Limited License. Subject to your strict compliance with these Terms and the Additional Terms, Ludia grants you a limited, non-exclusive, revocable, non-assignable, personal, and non-transferable license to download and copy (temporary storage only of web site and a single Device download and storage of the mobile app), display, view, use, play the Content on a personal computer, mobile phone or other wireless device, or other Internet enabled device (each, a “ Device ”), and/or print one copy of the Content (excluding source and object code in raw form or otherwise ) as it is displayed to you, in each case for your personal, non-commercial use only.

So according to the ToS, it’s perfectly fine to download and run the game on a computer. That makes no sense. It’s almost like they just copy/pasted a ToS from something else without going through it to make sure it applied to a phone app.


I guess my post quoting the ToS wasn’t something Ludia wanted posted.


You can always post the ToS however is it possible it may become trapped in the forums filter temporarily.


I don’t have multiple accounts.
That said, it says you can only have one copy of the software.
It says nothing about accounts. Playing devil’s advocate, you only need one copy of the software to run multiple accounts at different times.

Having two accounts running simultaneously, is breaking the ToS.

I am not a lawyer.


I got the same thing out of it as Johnny5 did. Couldn’t find anything about multiple accounts but the license only grants a user one copy of the app on one device only. To run two accounts at the same time you would have to have two copies of the app which the license does not grant.

I.e. it’s one of those things that you’re better off not mentioning you are doing.