Second battle losed without fighting


This is the second time bathe freezes just when going to pick Dino. No option at all, close and reopen app. And then shows battle in blanc or. Losed. Ludia support , please do something. I wrote you guys but no response yet.


Hey Morex, I’m sorry if you still have not heard back from our team yet, they have been receiving a lot more tickets than usual, but they will try their best to respond back to you soon. In the meantime, try closing any background apps while you are playing the game and see if that helps. Clearing the cache might also work but make sure that your game is connected to a Facebook, Google Play store, or Game Center account before doing that.


Hi, I’m really disappointed. Today just click on battle and told me once I entered and selected a dino…and told. Me time. Was out. Then battle. Canceled. Then I realized battle ended and lost. my points too. Need help on this issue, I have already lost like 180 points due this errors.


Here’s the screen shot of battle I never got the chance to fight


Hey Morex, I’m sorry to hear that you’re still having an issue with the battle Arena. Our team is aware of the “timed out” issue, and they’re still looking into it. It’s also possible that a bad connection could cause this, and some of the troubleshooting steps on this thread might be helpful: Lost a battle I was winning


My conecction is very stable, have follow steps from recommendations. Anyway, hope you guys can solve this issues soon. Is there a way to get back my trophies (points) lost? Or I really lost them at all?

Appreciate your help!