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Second date with Skylar

Hi! I was wondering if when you went to the second date with Skylar, you are supposed to see him on the centre of the screen or only see a part of him? I only can see his arm and a bit more and don’t know if it’s a glitch or if I can continue with the date (I don’t know if it happens with Jaden too).

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This happened to me too. I even tried force closing but nothing. I kept it going and just imagined it, though I would’ve loved to have seen his face! Especially since that date is basically the end of his story for now!!

It was the same way for me with Jaden too.

I have sent them a message in the app, maybe they will fix it and let us repeat the date.

Yeah, pretty sure it’s a bug. Same happened to me though I forgot to mention it to support.

I mentioned it to support they messages me back and said they sent it to there team to check it out more