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Second supply spin not working


Starting on Friday the ads to get a second spin on supply drops began freezing. Some of them froze without any hint of what it was or how long. It just showed a loading screen until I turned the game off. Started skipping many of the offers after that but two did work showing a movie trailer on Saturday. Then the next ones which were longer went back to freezing after 4 or 5 seconds.


Yeah I have that issue with the watching a add to spin again but on me it doesn’t freeze but rather when I watch the add it restarts the game from the logo screen no matter what I do if I click the back button or even try and get back to the game


Hey there, I’m sorry to hear that this has been happening in your game, but our support team can take a closer look at your account. Please send them an email at, including your support key in the email to help speed up the process. Thanks!