Second TG2 hybrid idea

before we dive into the hybrid I want to adress that this was the idea of jason6920 and not mine!!

This is a fearsome creature build for kill! :no_mouth:

Rarity: Unique
Animation: Boas
Food: Dinosaurs, fish and when possible… HUMANS!!!

Titanoboa G2 LVL 20 (200 DNA)
Erlikogamma LVL 20 (100 DNA)

HP: 3890
Atk: 1100
Spd: 121
Armor: 0%
Crit: 20%

Move set:
Cautious strike (without cleanse :wink:)
Precise Rampage
Debilitating Distraction
Impact and Run

On escape Dust Cloud
Immune to Swap Prevention

Notes: It was less harder to create then I expected.

Tell me wat you guys think: is this bustes or not and what do you think? Every tip is welcome!! It is not excluded to add your own TG2 hybrids aswell!

I hope you enjoyed my idea and i’d like if you’ll let me know your own ideas!

With that sayed, byby!!

I finished everything!