Second tournament team squad

The most annoying thing about the tournaments is having to constantly swap your team around whenever you have done a couple normal battles.

Please allow us to create a seperate team squad inside the tournament so we don’t need to constantly swap from normal team to tourny team.


:100: x yes


:raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3: Preach!

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100 % agreed that’s what put me off

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This is why I don’t join the Tournament this time.
Every time before battling in the tournament, I have to change the team. When I win the battle, the game freezes (but it does not freeze when I lose. Encouraging me to lose?). I have to reload the game to see “You win” and get the medals. Altogether these make me reluctant to play in the tournament.


How about multiple dino deck slots?
Let’s say three slots for example, you can have pvp, friendly, tournament deck. The active deck will be used in any match.


would be a solution aswel. altho i don’t know if its harder to creat multiple decks in the main game or just a new deck inside the tourny alone

Agreed. We need the option to have two or, preferably, three different teams saved.

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It’s the most obvious thing that you have to do when you add different battles mode to a game.

But not for Ludia.
Not until 1.8 at least.
May be even not ever.

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This is very important. Not being able to save teams is a huge turn off. It’s such an obvious part of a game with more than one battle mode. It is very sad that the game lacks this option at the moment. I would probably play twice as much if it was easy to switch teams. Instead of bothering to rebuild my team I play other battle games where my teams can be saved.

While I still think multiple teams are a good idea I only realised towards the end of the last tournament that if you go into it with your arena team there is an edit button that only gives you tournament eligible creatures which makes it much quicker to swap out (the arena to tournament team is the worst swap as going the other way most of your arena creatures are towards the top).

The most stupid is tournament team selection because affects main team! When gonna battle on towers/incubators having the same team like on tournament and opposite. We dont want to swap team 20x/day like a dumbs! Fix it asap Ludia!!!