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Second unique - Touramoloch


Finally made my second unique. Sadly its Tuoramoloch.

Is there any reason to put it in a team? Mostly I don’t have problem defeating Tuora in arena, so I doubt it would be an addition.


There’s going to be a really fun article on Metahub for you to read soon!

What do you think @Heather :wink:


Yes there is every reason to put this baby on your team


Depends on what do you use. If you run slow dinosaurs, like multiple chompers (I do) or using Diorajasaurus or any other swap-in hero (Alankylosaurus or Dracorat Gen 2 for example), then it is an almost invaluable asset.

I run a team like this and Touramoloch is really helping out the lumbering tyrant class theropods to lay waste on anything that is slowed by it.


Tried it and benched it. It’s useless.


i think its counter attack needs to become defense shattering or SS become distracting strike or damage increase to 1500 @ lvl 30

else it’s just a faster stegoceratops…


Dear lord, what madness are you people spouting.


Put it back on team as I’m looking for Trago replacement. Mine lvl 20 Trago has too low health in Indo world. Tuora just had it’s first win destroying opponents Utarinex. Slowed Utarinex with Thago, then Tuora comes in Slowing Impact and Impact & Run.
I see it’s really hard to use Tuora in current meta, but can be game changer.


I have it and love her, she a jack of all trades and a spinotasucho destroier

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If you can hold out until tomorrow there will be a metahub article explaining how to use her.


I can. More problematic is fact that I’m out of Stygi DNA.
Definitely know that against Utahsino you can’t use her. I’m regularly destroying Tuoras with Utahsino.
Was trying Megalo out but at lvl 19 is still limited with survivability.


I think that it is actually low key good. It is probably the dino that I find hardest to deal with consistently, because it is very versatile. People heavily underrate this dino…

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Very little interest in Taura. I’ve also never had a problem facing Taura in combat, or Para for that matter.

Edit - On a side note, how does the icon pic of Taura look so cool, almost majestic even. But when you see the full dino, it’s like you were catfished on Tinder. This thing looks like some kind of alien giraffe zombie had sex with Spongebob or something. :stuck_out_tongue:


Can’t wait to read it, cause I think that mine is sub-par…


I see that it’s really tricky to use in arena currently. Have lots of really bad matchups. Even against Spinotasuchus, you can’t swap it in later.
I’m missing friendly matches to learn about new dinos without losing trophies.


Hey guys :slight_smile: For anyone looking for a little more info as to how I use it.


Really wondered how to counter Spino.


You’re very welcome! Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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