Second unique

Finally unlocked this beast shame about the low HP but a unique nonetheless. Lol at 90 fuse with 10 left

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Congratulations, I recently got my second epic, the Thor. Unfortunately for both, I think these two unic are the worst unic in the game.

I can hardly ever generate this unic. On the one hand it is difficult to get enough irritator (although it is part of the weekly event). On the other hand, the increasingly scarce DNA of Dimetrodon is to evolve Tryostonix. Unfortunately, this “pig with spikes” is part of the dinos that I will never have :slight_smile:

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Just gotta speed millions of incubators in Lockwood ROFL Magna OK not amazing like Indo but can counter bleeders and indom so has uses just the HP that let’s him down! hopefully when I get him higher it will level out

Yes, your problem is health. Interestingly, my Thor loses almost all the combats against legendary but is able to win the epic Magna receiving very little damage.