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Secondontosaurus event

I just became lv60 . Now the secondontosaurus event is available to me . But it requires me to complete 25 other events. It’s impossible to complete that requisite in less than 4 days. Does it really not count events i completed during the time it was active and i was below lv60 ? Or is it a bug. Can anyone clarify this for me ?


Unfortunately not no, the good news is youl be prepped for next COT which should start next week.


next week!!
I am happy that I just finish it!!!
Also next cot, is surely an aquatic so its less good

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also welcome to the community

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Unfortunately, it’s not possible. Also even if you were to get all 25 done you still have to bang through 5 more battles to complete the event which would be tough.

The good thing like @Aether_12 said is that you’ll be prepared for the next one!


Thanks everyone for helping me with my confusion. Can anyone share any insights into how difficult those battles are ?

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I don’t think they are overly difficult tbh. I bang through 5 of them in a few minutes…but you need a decent bench to do that.

When the new one starts…every day just do the events you are able to do each day.

Once you finally unlock the final 5 battles, if youre finding it difficult you can post your opponents and line up and many members will guide you.

Well it unlocks when u will be 60
Did u remember clash of clans it needs 5 events to be unlocked and it gives only super rare or rare
But now in clash of titans u get tournament creatures so u need to complete 25
Of course u can’t so maybe u should skip this one

It’s not like I’ve the choice of skipping or not . I understand it needs 25 event finishes to unlock. But i turned lv60 last night and it won’t be available to me . As others mentioned, I’ll be prepared for the next one.