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Secotaurus (Carnodontosaurus)


Hey guys,

I‘ve seen some hybrid artworks from other players with some ideas I really liked. Today in the university, I took the time to draw a dream hybrid I‘ve thought about some times (guess you can imagine how interesting the lesson has been today lol).

Well I do like the Carnotaurus very much but she doesn‘t have nice abilities. On the other hand, I don‘t like Secodontosaurus but her abilities and I thought why don‘t mix them together?

I had much fun drawing her and some of my friends enjoyed it too. :joy:

So what do you think? That‘s what my Secotaurus looks like. ^^
She‘s got the muscular and strong body from the Carnotaurus and also her coloration but she also has the sail and stripes from Secodontosaurus (her tail has stripes and I liked them very much). Also, I thought that Secotaurus is smaller then Carnotaurus and faster, but has also more horns on her head to ram enemies. Even tho her jaws are short, she is a goos fisher in lower water areas and she‘s got a powerful bite.

Omg, I really like creating new hybrids with special abilities and combined powers. ^^
It‘s so much fun!


Love it!!!

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Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:


would u try to draw stegodeus fusing with concavenator? will it look like a green bear?



Now that you mentioned it…guess I‘m going to collect some ideas.
But Stegodeus as green bear…had to laugh right now. :grin:
So good.


that could be a new hybrid…

stegodeus with 1x shield-shattering counter attack, don’t u think this is insane?


A unique beast looking like a giant herbivore with shield destroying counters? Why not? :smiley:


dang you should be working for ludia :+1:

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Please. Make this happen. I want a carnodontosaurus. Or even a concarnodontoraptor :grinning:

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Nice! But I think Secodontaurus or Carnodontosaurus would sound better =)

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Awesome :grinning:

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Great idea!:slight_smile:

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Looks great mang! :blush:

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Looks amazing! But I feel like u should switch the name with carnotaurus’s being first. So like Carnodontosaurus

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Very cool!

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Mix Quetzocuotalus with Stygi gen2. Stygicuotalus. A dive bombing Stygi with huge wings & switch in ability stun.


Good morning,

thank you very much, you guys! :smiley:
I hope I can find the time to colorate her (with Photoshop or with pastel/pencils), at the moment I‘m just so busy lol.

I agree with the name. I still like Secotaurus, I think it‘s short and once you say it, you know who is meant, but I also like Carnodontosaurus. :slight_smile:

Sounds very nice!

I‘m thinking I could have a look on these dinosaurs which don‘t have hybrids and mix them together.

Also like the dive bombing Stygi lol. Gotta have a look on this hybrid‘s anatomy to make it able to fly but I‘ll remember that one. Like it. :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

um yeah I wanted to draw her again in colors. Actually, I‘m not so sure about it. What do you think? :thinking:

I‘m not so good with pencils…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Do we have dinosaurs with two passive abilities? Because I thought of Carnodontosaurus to have like 0,5x counter-attack and Immunity because I like the idea of an immune chomper.

Then perhaps she could have the defensive abilities of Carnotaurus and DSR (or only DSI) and also the ferocious strike of Secodontosaurus.


Very nice!