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Secret Changes

As it turns out Ludia implemented some changes without even letting us know. And it just keeps on giving. Some are major, while some are minor. (Note that all of these are based off of the JWA Field Guide)

Mechanic Changes (that werent stated):

Crafty Strike doesnt have dodge. (Addressed by @Ned)

CS got nerfed apparently (Now speeds up for only 1 turn)

Null. Moves now have a 2 turn cooldown (Even though nobody was complaining about it?)

Evasive Stance now got nerfed hard (Now only has 50% Chance to Dodge. Oh yeah Dodge is officially dead.)

Lockdown Impact was renamed to Binding Impact

Swoop was renamed to Minor Swoop

Decel Counter lost its attack (Im not entirely sure if it did have an attack before)

Greater Stunning Moves now only have a 2-turn Cooldown

Roar is basically a Group DSS

Slowing Impact now only has a 1-turn Cooldown

What do yall think about these changes? Personally, the newfound nerf on ES is pointless since the new flood of creatures with Resilient Strike renders Dodge useless anyway.

I thought Sidestep always dodged? It never failed. You still took a little damage, but it always worked. Unless you mean it now dodges all damage?

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Mightve been my mistake. I meant it dodge 100% chance to dodge 66% overall damage. I always thought it was 75% Pre-Update? …

The health that you regen is now based on the creatures attack.

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PFS has always lasted 2 turns, the turn it’s used and the next turn. Sidestep has always had a 100% chance to dodge 66% of damage, and Slowing Impact has always had a 1 turn cool down.

The other stuff is correct.

It now dodges for 2 turns too.

This is not changed. This the the same as before.

I believe SI always had 2 turn cooldown since I used to always use Monostego

Some of the healing abilities will regen health 1x, 1.5x or 2x based on the creatures attack.

Yep, you’re right. I was thinking of Decel Impact. That move has a 1 turn cool down.