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Secret/Locked Rooms (Suggestions)

A suggestion I was thinking… Related to the secret areas/locked rooms function. Maybe in a future update you could extend the secret area possibility to the Bosses in the challenge. It could work like:
Players could have a chance to find a secret+very strong boss that would give instant rewards of higher quality.

Another possibility for this boss was… Instead of giving instant rewards it could double the reward of the dice related to the stage where they
For example: If I defeat the 3 bosses of the dragon stage, and found in the
first boss a special/locked room with a dark dragon boss (or another special/different dragon type) so the dice related to that first boss where I’ve found a secret room would have it’s reward doubled.

Another great idea that would make totally sense would be that special boss (since it’s stronger) it would give a huge amount of exp.

One last alternative suggestion for the secret rooms is:
Instead of a secret room with chances of
appearing in the boss area, it could be a fixed alternative room, in the boss stage, players could always choose to access IF they unlocked the special boss area of each challenge. To unlock the special area new explorer missions could be released in the update and the completion of those explorer missions would permanent unlock the special boss in a specific challenge. If you release new missions that would unlock the special boss area of each challenge it could be released one mission per update, giving the possibility of unlocking one special boss area in the challenges that already exists.

But if you like this second idea of mine of making it a fixed room that could always be accessed after unlocked, the mechanism of reward should be different than what I suggested previously (keeping the increased exp of course), but now I have no idea what it could possibly be. The special boss should be a
hardcore opponent.

If the staff decides to take any of my suggestions into consideration, this update could also bring some new hero.

That’s it hope you like any of my suggestions, warriors let’s talk about this, tell me if you liked my suggestions if you have any suggestion to the betterment of my suggestions! :smiley:

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Thanks for the suggestion, Deimos. :slight_smile: