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Secret Room (and Character Room) chests

Can we please get better secret room and character room chests? It’s really frustrating to find a secret room on the third run of the Hidden Forge Challenge and get a bunch of common cards.

This is even more annoying with the character rooms. I’ve got rooms that require a level 10 character, and by the time I get in my character is using mostly Epic-level gear. So when I open the chest and find a bunch of just common cards, it’s frustrating and not an exciting payoff in the slightest.

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The rewards seem to scale crappily with adventure mode progress. I now open around 200 gold and 36 cards per chest, but it’s still mostly commons.

It’s especially annoying since it doesn’t scale with the difficulty of the room. Room 2 in Sharpstone Keep grants the same chest as Room 11 in Harvestshield Mountain and sometimes I wonder if it’s even worthwhile to attempt the room because it can end my run for really bad rewards

So yeah, I agree with you.