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Secret Room Frequency

Is there any known information on the percentage chance of finding a secret room and are they more frequent in special daily events (or Moment of Glory) than just the regular challenge? I did one of the recent XP events where I only ran through it 6 times before the event was complete and got 3 secret rooms. Was that just a crazy coincidence or are they more likely to come up in that sort of event?

Ditto in fact I got 2 secret rooms in one dungeon twice.

Sometimes the secret rooms are the only thing making some events worthwhile

They are pretty good about giving information about percentages, sometimes because they are required to by agreement, so I wonder if they have this info somewhere. I’ll do a search.

My theory is secret room for specific character is limited to 3 if you have one locked for a character you reduce the chance for secret room. When we get event for lower donjon we keep getting them because we.dont have character specific room locked and we wouldn’t run those donjon without an event and wouldn’t notice it.