Secret rooms

Has anyone had a secret room since the update? Secret rooms and character specific rooms seem to be a thing of the past.

I’ve had a few secret rooms, yes.

Hero rooms are still there too. Right now, I’m grinding XP to get my rouge into her lv 13 room.

It’s funny: secret rooms give a lot more than you now normally get from completing the challenge!

They are hit and miss, I got three in one challenge yesterday, then did four more challenges and only got one. Rng I guess eh.

Yup! At times I have come across one, sometimes a couple/few. I have not seen/felt any change in how often I come across them. I have also come across character specific ones as well.
Yes, there are times I have not lucked into any. I really love finding them. I can’t tell if it’s luck or a matter of picking up on small details that may be some little hint.

When I come across one, I can’t help but feel a bit excited. That’s part of the reason I enjoy finding them so much & they also help me stay motivated. (Plus the rewards are great!)

ok, so, how do you FIND them? in sharpstone keep, there are runes in some of the hallways and rooms—on the floor. Is there a pattern where they might lead to or away from secret rooms? (im pretty frustrated by this. if any of you have genius minds and figured it out, please, help a sister out.)

This topic is very old…
It all comes down to luck. It’ll appear whenever it wants to. If you’re going into challenges and there is a one-time character locked room behind it (meaning you need that character to go in and you’ll get gear for specified character), as far as I’m concerned you will not encounter a secret room that way.
Secret rooms seem to only spawn on the SECOND room of each tier (rooms 2,5,8) so the chances are very low.

I was not around in 2018 to play this game, I don’t know just how good the rewards were back then but unfortunately now the rewards for these chests are utter crap. Sure once in a while maybe you’ll get an epic but for the most part, 95% of the time it’ll be commons and rares… and these rooms don’t show up as often as you want it to. So be prepared to be disappointed, especially when your party gets wiped. The rooms are harder so if you’re barely surviving the challenge, taking a secret room path may not be the best choice.

Moreover, the reward is always the same level, regardless you find one Secret Room in Lightfinger Estate or in Sharpstone Keep.

The reward increases over time and caps at 600ish gold and 100ish common cards (rare are rare and epic super rare and usually not more than 1 card. I’ve never looted a legendary item in secret room but I know someone did it).