Secret rooms


Has anyone had a secret room since the update? Secret rooms and character specific rooms seem to be a thing of the past.


I’ve had a few secret rooms, yes.

Hero rooms are still there too. Right now, I’m grinding XP to get my rouge into her lv 13 room.

It’s funny: secret rooms give a lot more than you now normally get from completing the challenge!


They are hit and miss, I got three in one challenge yesterday, then did four more challenges and only got one. Rng I guess eh.


Yup! At times I have come across one, sometimes a couple/few. I have not seen/felt any change in how often I come across them. I have also come across character specific ones as well.
Yes, there are times I have not lucked into any. I really love finding them. I can’t tell if it’s luck or a matter of picking up on small details that may be some little hint.

When I come across one, I can’t help but feel a bit excited. That’s part of the reason I enjoy finding them so much & they also help me stay motivated. (Plus the rewards are great!)