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Secret Snake Badge - Any Ideas Of How To Unlock It?


Does anyone know how to unlock the spinoconstrictor badge? It’s one of my favorite hybrids in the game so I would love to know how, thanks :upside_down_face:

If no one has a clue. This could possibly be a discussion on brainstorming how to unlock it.


AHHHHHHHH someone had better pin me when they find out how to unlock this because I need that thing as my pfp in the game!!!


maybe its in a strike tower? since its an event thing?
haven’t gone on the game in a while today, so that may not be the case

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I checked all the strike towers for Monday. It wasn’t a reward in any of them.

Maybe this person is from a time zone in which it’s Tuesday and on Tuesday there is a strike event for this badge. Just a thought.


the snake strike tower this week maybe?
for boa gen 2


Titanoboa Gen 2 boss strike is on Wednesday. So it can’t be that.

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Considering the player account that has the badge is only level 5 with some commons and rares, I’m going to assume it’s in a strike event with the “Beginner” difficulty. Hopefully there will be one close to me tomorrow.


I need this I love it :snake: :snake: :snake: :snake:

I got it on my alt when I collected the rewards for the season (arena)

so it was just a reward for the season that some people got?
@Ned can I request elaboration on this if possible please?

maybe others will get at the end of this month, maybe you need to have verses a snake or unlocked one, or reached a certain amount of trophies, or it would just be random

Is the badge a participation reward for the titanoboa season?

didn’t receive anything from collecting my seasonal rewards other than the DNA.


On the GP diacord, Piere said that they have no idea why some players got it, and that the issue is being looked into

But idk they say that a lot of the time


Basically it might be an extra reward for players below badlands

well… that’s just great :unamused: knowing that this badge is out there will just sadden me until I get my hands on it and make it my pfp, really going to hope it will be in the snek strike tower this week

I got it while collecting the season rewards for S.S. Arcadia, maybe it’s for lower arena players?

I’m now very jealous of all low level players :smile:


Same. The badge looks really good.