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Secret Snake Badge - Any Ideas Of How To Unlock It?

Or maybe everyone gets it for participating but is secretly getting into your badge inventory.

Idk just a theory

No, I couldn’t find it

I need the snek! :snake:

Oh I got it from badlands that’s why.

Well I tried to help

Maybe the criteria is to get a Titanoboa Gen 2 to lvl 15+?

but its a constrictor/ dilophoboa badge. to me that doesn’t make sense. not to mention, theres not an achievement in the list for that. at lest i dont see one.

It seems to be a pvp season reward for those under 2500 trophies.

if that is a regular thing, you may see more dropping over the seasons just to get these badges. not gonna be fun.

Then maybe get Spinosaurus, Titanoboa or Titanoboa Gen 2 and Dilophosaurus Gen 2 to lvl 20+?

Hey DPG members! Our team is looking into this at the moment. For the time being, there’s no need to reach out to our support team, and affected players will receive the badge. :slight_smile:

However, no ETA on a time for that yet.

Thank you for your patience!


im just confused on what conditions needed to be met to be awarded one. Was it a seasonal participation award?


It might be for lower ranked people who participated in the tournament


so we get the badge?!?!

still cant tell if its constrictor or dilophoboa.

looks like constrictor hopefully its hydraboa

I feel like I’m over excited for the update, watch the update never actually come

If the datamines are true the release notes are coming this Friday.

well guess I’m jumping into the game to see if I got this

I think its constrictor, it looks like it has the “spines” right behind its head and u can see it between both of the frills

ok. now i see the small almost invisible bumps. coulda made them a dat more pronounced