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See Other Players On The Map


It would be cool to see who else is playing nearby. Have an icon on the to show another player who has the app open. It might encourage a more social play. Obviously there’s have to be permission granted to show this for yourself, but I think it would be fun to meet up with other loca players.


Totally agree, it’ll be more fun to interact with other players on map.


I Second that, We could hunt dinos with other players too


I would not play if this was mandatory but it would be interesting for people who were interested.


Why ? You cant even see yourself :slight_smile: There is no your avatar in game.


For starters creeps / thieves / stalkers / rapists / pedos can follow you easily.



You’d definitely have to give permission to this feature. It would be like on Snapchat, which I don’t like to show my location, but for JWA it would be cool.

You at least show up as a dot on the map. Maybe if they introduced this feature then you could customize your avatar.


Bad idea. Anyone with bad intentions can see where a victim is.


That’s why it would be optional, “use at own risk.” As a 30-something 6’3" white male I’d have no problem having this on while I’m out and about, but I can see others being more weary.


This would be a good addition with the guild feature; dont show everyone but only guild members!


It would be cool to get an idea of how many people are playing around you.

I don’t really buy the safety thing. If you are so inclined to go out and attack random strangers, I don’t see how knowing that someone nearby might be playing JWA makes it more likely.


Hell ya! This is way cool


Even if it didn’t show the exact location of other players a nearby chat would be neat. A list of who’s nearby and a way to chat with them.


and a way to fight against them


Maybe they can do just a “nearby” that shows a list of other players who are nearby that you can battle. not showing their exact location.


I also like this idea and would love to see it.
It could be done through our phones Wi-Fi for cell to cell communication.

Those who are saying it is dangerous are just scardy mutts. They can just turn it off if their so terrified of everyone around them.


I thought you were a cloud/muffin from your profile pic!


Yeah, but my statement still stands. I’m a 30-something 6’3" white male cloud.


Maybe the way to do it is to have your friends appear on the map.


When I first posted this friends weren’t a thing yet. Now we have friends and alliances. I think limiting it to friends would still make sense, since you don’t necissarily know everyone in your alliance, and that could be creepy.