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This is what you’ve turned this game into. This is a top 100 team now. Meanwhile teams of all level 30 uniques are out of the top 500. You screwed up ludia! Fix your mistake! Guess what, his whole team is speed boosted, every single member to tier 7 maybe 8. Damage is boosted too but with those crap levels doesn’t matter. You’ve made this game into a joke. And yes I’ll keep posting because of nonsense like this. You devalued an entire year of playing within a week of incompetence.

Your current arena is as busted as can be. Takes forever to get a match and then it’s either Thor boosted to sweep an entire team or someone that boosted their whole team with their wallet since that’s the only way they could ever compete with people that actually put in time.

@Jorge @Ludia_Developers @J.C @Ren @Sara @anyone who can do anything.


It’s terrible as many players who also bought VIP/ incubators have been playing this game for over a year to improve their dinos. Now all that means absolutely nothing. All boosts need to be reverted, hard cash refunded and whole boosts system reworked before implementing it again. I really think speed boosts need to go and never be added again or at least Ludia should change the percentage to up to 5% or 10% in total (tier 10).

I doubt Ludia will listen to us though. They are very selective with everything. Majority of people here and social media asked to nerf the rats (Draco family) and remove DSR in swap in and they totally ignored it.


There were many ways to counter Dracos. My edmontoguana for example…

But totally agree with the rest of your post.

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Agree with all of that. Yes Draco is an abomination and can be countered but that’s the least of my concerns, as I do not want another nerf post. Boosts were added to the game in game breaking fashion and if changes aren’t made, this game is dead to myself as it already is to many people who have loyally played for months.

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Ridiculous that team is top 500 let alone 100. That’s why I’m in Sorna using my tournament team of non-hybrids in the arena as well - much more fun.


I 100% agree with you Scuba, I was once 4799 rated, no I barely holding onto 4100!


Arena is a mess right now. Low level teams boosted in sky in top 500, while high level teams are in low Aviary or Lockwood.

This is team around 4100 trophies from yesterday.


The arena dosen’t work at all.

@ 5000 ( Drop from 5300)

Everyones tactic:

  1. Fast Dino = 1 shoot.
  2. Send out Dracocera
  3. Send out powerful THOR

Total gone.


If they even bother with Thor, if they damage boosted their Rat ive literally had them swap in one first attack, half kill my Dino, Regenerate to remove locking (which should NOT be possible, the 2 round lock-in was what was supposed to balance it) and swap out…then swap back in Rat and finish you off.

I actually had several players do this to me because I had nothing that could one shot rat before escape. Total BS tactic that takes zero skill.

Now when someone brings out a rat against my first dinosaur, I take 14 seconds to select a move…for the REST OF THE FIGHT! If they wanna mess with me, ill mess with them.

Also the longer I keep them tied up in my battle, the less other players they can frustrate.

Actually if everyone took 14 seconds to select an attack the whole fight to anyone who rats their first Dino, I think there would be less rats in arena, because in the time they took to complete my time wasted battle, they could have had 5 other battles.

Edit: Btw for the record I don’t use rat at all other then maybe in a strike tower to speed it up, but never against a player, also mine is level 18.


Mate I agree with all that, I hate the rat and so on, I don’t use it. But please keep this post to the state of the arena. There are many rat posts out there. This is to highlight the absolute crapfest the leaderboard and ranks below it have become, as well as the devaluing of hunting and leveling dinos.


What issue. I see no problem.
Someone has gone power hungry and boosted like mad. :joy::joy:

Sorry man lol, was just replying to the guys post about the current tactics being used in the arena, which is further causing issues on top of boosts.

Back on topic now :slight_smile:

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The thing I don’t get is what on earth do people get out of playing an overboosted team like that - a screenshot of them in the top 100 and a lighter wallet?? I’d be bored out of my mind within 3 battles … I once lived with an autistic child who just couldn’t understand that winning at any cost (cheat codes, etc) wasn’t winning - they can’t all be autistic …

[ Just to clarify this is not a dig at autism; I have had a lot of experience of children with it and how you have to handle them; my favouite quote ever was when I said to one “I have a million and one things to do so I can’t do that for you now”; they thought for a few seconds and said “Go on then, list them” - so literal :slight_smile: ]


Well said.

Have played 5-6 times this morning.

Just horrible.

Ill wait for the new comments about this!

It’s NOT OKAY when players spend money, A LOT of time and buying scents, Travelling to specific areas, waiting for weeks to level up 1 level of TRYKO !

I bet all this UNIQES from that person you show comes from ST. pat Day!

Have no more words for this.



My entire last year of hours of daily grind and not spending money to get my team 24-28 was a waste of time.

If your pockets run deep, your trophies are steep!

^that should be the new game title for 1.7


Sometimes I just want them to make a statement what was the reason behind their decisions.

I mean, aside from getting people buying boosts, what did they want to achieve with this? Did they even think about the impact it brings ?


I think the problem was that boosts weren’t supposed to be available to buy at all yet, let alone the unlimited boost thing.

They were supposed to be slowly dolled out over time from daily incubator, and from strike towers. Players then would careful use them to selectively boost their team…instead we got players buying a billion boosts in one go, getting their Thors to 180 speed and 2000 damage and one shooting everything.
Basically they progressed, boost wise, a years worth In a matter of minutes!

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Bingo. A years worth of game progress overnight. We are now suffering the growing pains from that.

I get that many users are upset that it seems the past year of their work is gone. Boosts shook things up and gave the game imbalance. It is going to take time for it to sort itself out. Users are now going to have to find new trophy levels based on all that instant leveling/growth.

Nothing we can do about it now, the damage is done. Some users received the benefit from that instant success, some did not. Anything Ludia does now will not help the situation, only time will.

Removing all boosts and refunding hard cash spent would fix things; then re-introduce at the rate intended (with ideally reduced speed boost increments).