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Is it wrong? Do I feel penalize now? You bet. Dropping 1000 Trophies with the team I spent a year building does not make me happy. But this is the new norm.

Those lower level boosted teams are now a regular part of the game, we will have to get used to it. Do we have to like it? No. But we have to accept that they are there and not going anywhere anytime soon.

But then how will the 1200 rated players currently in the top 100 stay there? LOL

Agree, roll back all boosts (except the ones we got from the strike of course and free incubator since they are legit and very small increments) and be done with it.
However if even the free ones need to be undone to fix im down with that, if it fixes the arena!


Yeah - be good to keep the “legit” ones but I would happily have a blank slate to fix things


… you forgot to add after the comma “and you have no morals or shame”



Ludia really needs to fix this. My whole lvl 30 team can’t beat some lvl 23-25 dinos and guess what I lost more than 35 trophies facing them each time …

One example, one lvl 25 magna killed my lvl 30 magna and lvl 30 Thor. Why on earth could the player beat me using a lvl 25 magna? Speed exploit. But the efforts lvling up magna to lvl 25 and lvl 30 are huge!!! I don’t see this is fair. I feel very frustrated.


For me the issue is in the arena. If you loose you loose 20 or 34 points and if you win you only get 10 some times

That’s not true though. We can express our frustration, we can stop paying for anything, cable our VIP and so on. The damage they did is not something that balances out in a month or two. They ruined a year of work. It’ll take around that time to catch up. Who would stick with a game that did that. I sure won’t and many loyal players have already left. No new players will join as what’s the point, they’d have to spend thousands or grind for 2 years + to be competitive. 1.7 at its current state is the nail in the coffin. There is a way to fix it restore order and start fresh with these boosts. But doing nothing is a massive middle finger to everyone that he played this game for almost a year now.


Whoever wins this tournament if they are not near the top of the leader board they will be when boosts are back. Save all the speed boosts to bump into thor. Then they can buy 60 boosts from the shop with the 30,000 cash. Instant team better than what people spent a year to make.


Either I am being wiped off the floor with someone’s super speedy boosted dinos or I am wiping someone else’s team off the floor with my super speedy dino’s when they are picked. Those hefty speed boosts really threw this game out of wack.

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