See, this is the kind of rat problem we're talking about

I decided to record my first battle in the Gyrosphere Depot. I know we have many topics about sharing gameplay, and specially topics about DC, but I just had to make another one for this. The best thing about these last tournaments: more experience in dealing with higher level superboosted rats. There were many ways this guy could have won, but nooo… Well, just watch it if you will. And forgive my reaction in the end. So many feelings…

Whoever you are “craaazzzyone”, shame on you!


The funny thing is the only level 30 was his Draco hahaha . Mines still not 30 and never even worked on it till boosts came and was forced to level it to 29 . Still dislike it . Tourney was all about who had the best rat some even had two haha but the Invasion continues lol !

PS: at least you won! :metal::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



That also shows how the rat nerf, as small as it has been, can make a difference.


Your video just shows how ridiculous battles have gotten. There’s no strategy in swap/regen/repeat with the rat.


Watching that match is like deja vu except with a different background and I have different dinos. That was almost exactly like the last battle I played almost a couple weeks ago and won and haven’t played my primary account in PvP since. I’m sick of the same exact battle either winning or loosing over and over.

I have 2.8 million earned coins and 5 dino’s in the 20’s I could level but no desire for this stupid boost crap and nothing but rat fights. So I’m playing my 2nd account with mid teen dino’s and over 50 to choose from. It’s just so much more fun even with teams that have a couple boosted dinos. I actually can beat those with my none boosted ones. Oh and no rats. I haven’t even run into a dracorex gen 2…surprisingly, but I am playing relatively newer players.

Why does anyone want to level up to higher arena’s? Once you hit the rat level, that is all your battles are ever going to be. Either you’ll be using or defending against rats. How can I boost up my rat to use it and how can I boost up my defense to counter it?

What glory is there to be in the high arenas? The whole thing revolves around one of the 162 creatures.


True. One of my minor goals is exactly to be able to overcome those things more easily. That crap can only be pulled against lower levels. Once the creatures are all in the same level (and boosts), it’s way easier to deal with the rat depending on your team and strategy… I say this based on friendly battles. Players with level 30 teams would know better than me, but for what I’ve seen and read, many of them can take down rats rather easily, even though it’s still annoying.

So yeah, one day I’ll have a level 30 team, but I’m in no hurry… And I don’t care about going up arenas. It just happens while I’m battling for incubators.


I wonder if dev, qa, management team are ever play their own game.
They will never understand the problem, the user experience until they do that.

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On a side note, a team level 25 has no business being at the 5500 mark. This video also proves how bad the matchmaking system is. Meanwhile higher team levels struggle to even make it to 5300 or even lower.


Maybe they’ve their own Lvl30, fully boosted Dracotops and enjoying it. I think that’s why the ignorance.

That is just gross. Perfect example at how reliant so many people are to the thing and once its gone they don’t know what to do. They are literally hopeless without it.

Absolutely disgusting and shameful.

I know you use it too Arnold, but you’re one of the few that aren’t reliant on it. You can tell that once you beat it they didn’t know what to do. Probably cursing you that they couldn’t take down your cloaked Eriklo and half dead Dilora.

I actually laughed and cheered when you won. Very proud. :slight_smile:


@Arnold That was a cracking video buddy well impressed with the win. As someone else said they were definitely reliant on Draco you could tell by the long pause after you took it out, your right about the little Nerf it has made a difference as long as you always have a tank in your team, I personally liked Dracoceratops and had it in my team for bit when it had the stun liked it’s move set at the time and when the stun worked it was great as a counter to the Draco G2 that was flying about the arenas and as a bleeder wingman. I don’t find it as annoying as most but I do feel we are all forced to have it on the team to try and counter all the others, and it prevents me from putting my newly created Magna in my team which took me ages to grind and get because it would be a stuffed toy for a Dracosniper to play with


Whatch this was absolutly disgusting and shows perfecctly how ridiculous this game is right now with all boosts and rat cancer.
Congrats for the winning you deserve that one pal
Shame on the Rat user


Things could have easily gone worse here. Nice job on the win. You know if it was a unique and it was hard to get I wouldn’t hate it as much. But its the easiest killer to get. Boring matches always rats in them.

If it gets a unique it doesn’t even need any stat change the rat is already fit for a unique roll. It’s ridiculous.


That is straight up “Rattegy”.

I knew the other player was bad as soon as he opened with anything other than Superiority Strike. If he knew what he was doing he would have known that Utahsino opens with Distracting Impact and thus will be distracted, which then slows the Utah and forces the Instant Charge.

So glad you won that match against “Ratmeister”, I also had a match where someone tried to rat me 4 or 5 times in the same match, but after he ratted my opening Dino I predicted every single subsequent ratting attempt and just kept switching, eventually I beat him with my Nodopatotitan “Noodle” :slight_smile:

It just shows just how pathetic some players get with their cheap crutch rat.

All I say to Ratmeister is “GET GOOD”, learn to play ratboi.

“Who would win?”
Skill/Strategy or One rattyboi


I think this is the prime time to give a sneak peak at my next parody song, this time based on the LEGO Movie 2 song “Catchy Song” aka “This songs gunna get stuck inside you head”.

I call it - “Ratty Song”
This rats never gonna stop until your
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Yeah, that made my day x)… And yes, I use it too. I never had anything against using DC… What’s ridiculous is boosting it and leveling it up way above the rest of the team to use this cheap “strategy” of coming and going… And many do that.


I’m well aware of that, but it’s not just matchmaking… Boosts also have a big part in this. I’ve beaten level 30 teams to get there because my fast dinos were faster than my opponents’ fast dinos… and that, combined with boosted damage, makes levels lose a great deal of their importance…

If they just removed the speed boosts (or replaced with armour even) things would be somewhat balanced. Its when you have 143 speed Thors when its an issue.

Things should NEVER outspeed their designed counters…EVER!


Listening at the end you are clearly enjoying it.

Whole thing is what you expect. Constantly flipping in and out DC kills the rest of the team. Its a terrible tactic. That’s how you counter it concentrate on killing the incoming creature.

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Thor is not that troublesome especially with Magna xD and other dinos fit for end teams.