Seeing another comment inspired this idea


How many would play this on console if it were set up correctly? I mean same concept… gotta walk to find dna but instead you control your movement via joystick… and not have it made around gps but rather an rpg… real life locations… maybe where a lot of these dinos are found and you explore… collect dna and resources… create uniques and legendaries yada yada yada… battles tho… this is where it could get fun… the possibilities you have on console are a lot greater than on mobile… different match types… your 1 on 1s… I could see a survival where 1 person is a carnivore and 5 or 6 are Herbies and main objective is to be last one alive or first to take out the carni… I see a lot of potential if a game like this ever moved to console… and no there would be no cross platform play(mobile to console)


I leave with some titles with really good design:
FriendlyFire: Location based-games but not so GPS
Tactikon 2: Turn based-game with battery friendly also can be forgiving on bad connection.
Wildagochi: for graphics design. 8-bit style


Welcome to pokemon!!


Have anyone of you ever played game “Digimon 2” on PSX??
Those two games (JWA + Digimon 2) merged and redesigned to modern standards would be a pure gold.
With variety of dinosaurs and skills from JWA and tactical approach to 3v3 turn based battles, some kind of scenario and we have AAA class game for pennies. :yum: