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Seeking 2 ACTIVE PLAYERS for TOP500 Alliance!

-Hey just dropping in on the forums to find a couple players to fill our new open slots for TOP500
We are a very strong alliance and want a couple more players that communicate and will contribute to the alliance. Please message here if your looking for a great spot to be! Or just apply in game must communicate . Been playing since Beta time :metal:

  • We are a top 50 Alliance FYI

-We also use social media for our alliance to communicate and keep informed on various things.

DINOLORD :metal:

Hey I’m interested in joining your alliance please let me know if you still have space.

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Apply in game . Saved a slot open for a super active player . :+1: @Randall_Swoopes

Hey looked on the game it said your alliance, and I sent you a friend request.

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You’re alliance was full. Sorry the auto correct on my phone acts weird when I’m on the forums.

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So we have been filled up since the post . Could be a spot soon if your still looking :slightly_smiling_face:

Sooo… was it that difficult to make your own post rather than being a rat on ours? You’re such a deplorable @dinolord

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Alright, I’ll take a note out of your book:

-ApexPredators is always looking for the best of the best of the best
-#1 Alliance in the game
-Been playing since August; back-to-back Tournament champion (Season 4 & 5)
-We use Discord

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Is there really 500 alliances?

Over nine thousaaaaaaaaand!

No, seriously. :sweat_smile: I can’t give exact numbers but I can definitely say that there’s over 9000 active Alliances in the game right now.


Wow had no idea it was that many

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Really that seems pretty high. Especially seeing how many spins we are at. Guess there are not many in some.

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All those Alliances and the one I am in just happens to be the best. :grin:


Sorry @dinolord…Have to highjack your thread here to do some recruiting. lol

We’re looking for some Apex guys…come on over…lol

Were already in rank 4 in exploration and 3 on defence.

Just heading out for unlimited spins and darting to crush this thing…:grin:

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I made this post before going on yours lol I’m happy your taking attention to it though haha :joy: or Not… dude I’ve been here since beta I obviously know who you are lol @Marktheshark

Meow Alliance

Haha :rofl: do it up :metal: @Dinocop

Honestly that’s insane!!! I was gonna guess 200-300 but makes sense with player base even more coming with the popularity! @John

Such a difficult decision I don’t which alliance to choose TOP500 or ApexPredators. :sweat:

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Lol :joy: decisions to make … hurry