Seeking 2 players above 5000 achievements must be daily players

Hey :wave: Top500 Alliance looking for 2 daily players above 5000 achievements and can help with missions . Aiming to finish 4000 battles weekly. Our alliance doesn’t have anyone below 4200 achievements usually 8-12 in the Top500 spots. Kinda up and down but would love to have some more top material in alliance also! Everyone’s great here and I’m sure most would love it!

-We’re 5/4 with exploration done with 3 days left probably a lot faster if we wanted.

-Aiming to get defence done ! 5/5 is the goal !

We have Facebook and discord for alliance chat and organizing & sharing information on JWA events and more.

Have any questions DM me and if you want to join DM me or I more then likely wont accept unless I know who you are.

DinoLord out!!