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Seeking a decent alliance, 5k plus points in arena


I have 5k+ points in arena and I’m seeking a new alliance, my current alliance is fantastic but a little slow in terms of DNA sharing. I actively play this game on a daily basis.
P.S I’m level 20


Have a new alliance looking for active players. Only 2 of us in the but play daily and DNA share. Alliance name is Dushy

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Thank you Stephen will consider.


We are a strong alliance who do our best to help each other out with DNA and contributing to mission goals …we have a few spaces left if you would like to join our team drop me friend request

Team name : Dazed Dinos II

SuicuneAmattata # 0307


Or mines named jurassic unearthed

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Virginia USA
I’m the leader, so I’ll accept you in :grinning:
There’s always someone online- depends on your time zone… I’m usually there ‘solo’
But we do donate max when we can :grinning:
We’re 39 members strong, and are always up to battle :smiley:

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Lords of Jurassic World

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Thank you all, I will have a look at every alliance.


Had a look at your alliance and seems interesting, I just want to know if you guys would be able to help me with irritator and dilophosaurus DNA?


Hello. In my alliance we trade for DNA if things are not going well for just blindly asking for DNA. With trading, the requests might magically be filled in 10 minutes. Try trading with your bros instead of leaving.

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Tried and tested, to no avail. Thanks for the suggestion though.


come over and help us battle this last hour of alliance rush while you collect some of that dna


My contribution would not count as the event has commenced already. What’s your alliance name though?


Yeah it will. KillerRaptors. then on alliance description is instructions to be added to the chat room


"Individuals will receive the reward corresponding with the Alliance they belong to at the time the Alliance Rush event ends (see below). " in another hour our first calculation will happen just to make us be in the top 50 alliances for fun . then sunday is when it is playing for prizes. but right now i just want the glory of top 50. we are going at it hard. i been battling for 4 hours straight


Thanks for the invite bud. I will take a look at your alliance.


Friend request sent