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Seeking a New Alliance


Hello all, I’m thinking about changing alliances. The one I am currently i joined because I received a request and just did it. Only one person really engages with the rest beside me. It doesn’t seem like the rest of the team are very active. When the alliance missions were working I was the main contributor that got the team to level 3 incubator. It would be nice to be on an alliance where there is more participation from more team members. I tried to rally the troops and start discussions… But again… No one really engages in discussions… Except for requesting DNA.
If any alliances could use a good player let me know so I can decide what to do.


Oh BTW, I am currently level 15 . I have been playing for a few months. I completely all the daily missions. For now I really like playing, but there may be a chance I get bored and stop or from time to time may take a break.


You can join us " Lords of Jurassic World". It’s an international alliance with active members and during last alliance missions we got rank5 incubators in both missions. If you’re interested then message me


JurassicWorldClan is also a good choice. We are doing our best and I kick out players if they’re never active.


Thank you Pirate and Exuro, I would be honored to join either one of you. It seems your teams are both maxed out. Let me know when you have an open slot and I will be happy to join.
Thanks to you both!


Hey if you still need A new alliance mine has spots TJC2019 my player number MrsVlazqz #4658 we have active players we help each other out and still looking for more.