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Seeking active people for our alliance

I’m about to kick out a few people from our alliance for inactivity. (We aren’t strict, these people just rarely play, which is putting more pressure on the half of our alliance that do a fair bit every day). So I am looking to replace them.

If your active often (Daily would be amazing, although you will not get booted if you have a day off of JWA or go on holiday!), Then feel free to send a request to ‘The Grown Ups’, as spaces will be available every day over the next few days.

3/4s of us work really hard. So would be nice to get a whole Alliance of active players! (We always shout out over a period of a few days before booting anyone). We are currently 4/4 or 4/3 on alliance missions and want to do better so if you can help, join! :slight_smile:


Im looking for a new alliance to join…

There will be spaces come tomorrow morning if you want to put a request in :slight_smile:

I’m interested

Feel free to send a request to The Grown Ups, there will be spaces shortly :slight_smile:

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Is the spotstill ava??l

Recruitment still open ?

Sorry for the delayed replies guys! I couldn’t get on my account. :see_no_evil: We have spaces again, but where we have had some new people join us that are very active, we are looking like we could hit 5/5 if we continue recruiting active players. We have changed our tactics a bit, and now have discord, so if anyone is happy to join discord and play daily, like Hit daily challenges every day, open defense incubators everyday etc. Then feel free to join. Not just putting a request in every few days… (obviously if your not on the odd day and are usually active, we won’t boot anyone just for that, we are all allowed a break haha). We hit 5/4 last week so have already improved. Just need more actives to help us as we have a lot of inactives that are slowing us down … Some of them don’t even put a request in over 3 days…

I sent another request