Seeking An Alliance

Hey everyone! I’m seeking an active alliance.
I played the first year or so after this game was released, and got back into it 3 months ago. Now that I’m fully back in, I need to join an alliance with more teammate who are around the same level as me or higher.

My trophy count is 5018; I’m in the US East Coast time zone. I play daily to the point of maxing out coins from drops and will typically run a giga scent while doing so. I love the alliance I’m in now, but I don’t have many people who are able to help share the load in Unique or Apex raids, and that can make passing them extremely difficult.
If I’d be a good fit in your alliance comment or send me a DM here.

Hi @KevBotLor7 can you Dm me on discord pls ,we alliance is a 10/9 or 10/8 alliance, we get teir 8 in tourneys and have 1 level 20 sanc

Hi @KevBotLor7 I did Dm you on discord, not sure if you saw, but if you would like to join you can , or if you have any questions feel free to ask, thanks

We have a spot open!! We get 8/10 - 9/10 weekly and get tier 8 in tournament.
we run LOTS of raids and are super active in our discord!!

If you are interested you can join our guest Discord server

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Thanks for reaching out Daylan, but I’ve already been taken care of. I appreciate it!