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Seeking assistance with boosts

Here is my team currently. I am slow with boosts as I don’t buy them. Trying to decide what to boost especially in speed. I put a lot into proceras speed bc I know how insane the CS on indo g2 is gonna be and want to try and outspeed a base speed one if possible. I’m Between library and aviary. See a lot faster dinos on library. Only currently have 1 boost of each. Also working towards Gemini to likely replace indo g1

Who should get current boosts and potentially future ones?

Indo is unboosted

Boost Tenontorex speed? Speedy Thor sure is a nightmare! Tenontorex is a better Dinosaur in general , but it’s worse damage output than Thor.

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Thought about it originally but I also know that Thor is everyone’s baby so they boost his speed to ridiculous speeds and usually are much over leveled compared to my tenonto. Meaning I usually won’t outspeed them. I don’t think I have met a non speed boosted Thor yet

Well you should meet mine, it’s 100% unboosted. It’s The way it should be lol.

Yeah I’d probably boost it’s [Tentorex’s] speed.

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I might have met it once and it crushed me :slight_smile:

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Maybe, I’m not sure about that though lol.

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