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Seeking Clarity: Oceania Boosted Battle Event


The requirements for the current boosted battle event states “SUPER RARE Level 10+ X3”. My understanding of this was 3 Super Rare Dinos over level 10. The match is against land dinos (amphibians & herbivores), so my presumption was I needed land Dinos that fit that classification. It shows no inventory of dinos available for me and I do have several who fit the description. What am I missing?


After logging out and logging back in does the requirement still exist? Mine shows no restriction.


Interesting. I had no requirements for the event and completed it easily this morning.

Please post a screenshot. You could also email and include a screenshot and support key explaining the issue.

Be sure the filter in the bottom right of the battle prep screen is set to “all creatures.”


Hey i am facing the same problem


I didn’t have any rules on todays boosted battle either


@Sionsith @HanSoloWannaBe Any Ideas?

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The event worked fine for me. Got 4 Microposaurus, wich was awesome. The only thing i found quite strange is that in the final round it said “any creature x1” but then it allowed me to pick 3. It was a single Antarctopelta, so i only had to use my Rex to send it back to the Arctic, but i could pick 3 if i wanted


That definitely looks like a bug to me. Send those screenshots to I’ve also never seen a criteria banner in red like that, either. Maybe somebody accidentally put an experimental test on your account. There’ve been bugs a plenty in the game lately.

@Kiarash_Bahar, same here, but don’t tell! :slight_smile: We like bugs that help the player.


@Kiarash_Bahar, that means you must use 1 creature, but may use up to 3.

I suspect the difference in requirements has to do with different ablilities/levels of creature. Why none are showing up is a mystery to me. Turn it in


Maybe it has to do with the player level? Maybe they haven’t unlocked the raptor paddock yet?

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Do the folks having issues with this event have boosters available to use?


I have the raptor paddock and have many boosts collected


Yes, I have the boosters. It’s just not showing me Dino inventory…


Oddly enough, it will allow me to select boosts (up to 4), but without dinos it won’t let me play obviously


Well no idea then, clearly seems to be a bug, since you are showing dinos that meet the criteria as well, even if it was active for that event which doesn’t seem to be the case for most of us. Hopefully Ludia support can look into it soon enough for you but being the weekend, might not be a whole lot of people paying attention to support issues unfortunately.

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Make sure you do an I game ticket, they seem to be answered the fastest. Include your support number and screen shots if you can.


Samee here