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Seeking for a good alliance

I’m a lvl 9 player and is at s.s Arcadia currently. I 'm looking for a good alliance that doesn’t require discord or telegram.
My lookouts for a good alliance:
Has at least 20 people.
Most of the people can do tournament
Likes doing raids

If you are looking for a recruit in your alliance, please add me!


( P.S if you invite me into your alliance, I’m sorry I can’t do tournament but I promise to reach badlands as soon as possible! )

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Hey, I think I have just the alliance for you. WhenDinosaursRuledMars a sister alliance to WhenDinosaursRuledEarth.

Benefits: raid support from a friendly huge(160) person discord and more

Requirements:Be active and join the discord

If your interested add me on discord Death877#6803

my alliance Beta Raptors doesn’t have a lot of requirements other than be active and do some raids, no discord required. check it out if you get the chance