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Seeking guidance for this week

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt like I needed help choosing my team, but this weeks event is a little overwhelming so I’m seeking guidance. With the team that I currently have, which of these options would you target for this week? Here is what I’ve worked up that I can achieve this week:

  1. Bring Tryko to level 26 by darting the epic dinos and bringing Erlidom to level 24 by focusing on unique attempts (assuming I can average 138 per attempt).

  2. Bring Tryko to level 27 by focusing on unique attempts (assuming average 118 per attempt) and bring Thor to level 30 by focusing on Sino for epics.

  3. Bring Erlidom to 25 by focusing all epics and unique attempts towards it.

I’ve yet to unlock Erlidom so I’m hoping others can provide input on whether its worth it to go this route for a level 24 Erlidom on my team, and if so, who would it replace? I do feel like my team could use some more speed.



How about give me one of those?

Erlidominus is really weak at low levels. Like really.
It’s important to win tryko ties once you know how to properly use and play it.

Most important thing is to be leveled accordingly to what you’re facing. Thor 30 is needed if you face a lot of 30 ones but if not it’s fine since sinos are fairly commons.

Yeah im torn between options 1 and 2. I dont want to go all in on erli because i want to at least get one more level on my tryko. Its just tough to predict what we’ll all be facing in the arena after this week

I’d say use all unique attempts on tryko and the epic attempts on erliko. Helps level up your core team while also getting a head start on making and leveling up erlidom

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Erl is fantastic as you well know but it would be so far behind your core team I dont see how youd squeeze it in. I will puppet others here and say focus on Tryk

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